Monday, September 14, 2009

Follow the Leader

Have you ever noticed how much Americans (and maybe those in other countries too, I don't know, haven't been to another country!) like to follow the leader? Today I had an experience that showed me once again the tendency of people to simple follow whomever is in front of them.

I was driving back home from a fantabulous visit with my parents, bro, sis in law, and niece at my bro's house in Rockford. There was a detour on Route 20 because of an Extreme Makeover Home Edition build. How cool is that!??! ***On a side note, I found it rather odd that even though the road was closed just for the build (found that out from bro, he saw it on the news) they put up the construction signs that say "Putting Illinois to WORK". Dude the only Illinoians you are putting to work at the cops guarding the baracades!!! And the message boards did not just say "Road Closed Ahead" they also said "Construction Ahead" which is LIE. O wait, they were constructing a house. Guess it wasn't a lie!*** Ok so I was following the detour, la la la (it was a nice detour!) and my mom called. I have a habit of not noticing road signs when on the phone, so I noticed the detour TURN sign too late and missed it. I could have turned around, but that would be ADMITING that I made a mistake, and I would N - E - V - E - R do that! :) Sooo I decided to keep going and find another way to get back to 20. Why not?
***Thought of the day: if you don't say "Why not?" and OFTEN do something that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, I highly recommend it. Spices up life a bit! IT'S GOOD FOR YOU!!!***

I noticed that the vehicle behind me did not turn. Ok, maybe they were locals, right? WRONG. I turned and they turned. And when they followed me, I noticed ANOTHER vehicle behind them. As I turn again, I cannot control the laughter. I am aimlessly leading 2 vehicles through the country and I have a hOOOOOOOOOOrrible sense of direction! I'm thinking maybe I should stop so they realize I have No IdEa what I am doing. Not a clue. None. They really should be warned what they are in for. BUT I am having fun. Sooo I just keep going, turning, they follow, it is a fun little game. However, when I turned down a gravel road ***oops Dad just washed my car this morning!*** they figured out I was clueless and did not follow. Way to go out on your own folks! They ended up in front of me, avoided the gravel road and found a better one, so I guess they were smarter than I thought!


  1. Hi there. It has been a while. I loved your story. It is so true. It is great to see ya on here again. I hope things are going good for you. Sommer:)

  2. Oh I can just picture it! Too funny! And, I've almost got all the old pics reloaded on the new 'puter, so you should be seeing new posts asap! Miss you!